Basic Knowledge on Arabian Horses

Arabian Horses

Arabian horses are known to be the best breed of horses. They are well known for their ultimate strength, sturdiness, valor, temperament and stance. The reason behind their strength and resilience is because of the fact that these horses are raised in extreme climatic conditions. Fighting such climatic conditions make this breed very strong and muscular.

Their bloodlines remain chaste due to the presence of special registries. Arabian horses are basically imported and have the bloodlines of Arabian horses. To keep these horses tough and muscular, they are brought up as barons.

These horses can have different weights, heights and colors. Arabian horses are the most refined, chaste and pure breed of horses. They are valued by various horse lovers due to their excellent bloodline.


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These horses are very courageous, powerful and unselfish. They were used for wars because of their gallant and valor. Arabian horses are very loyal, proud and affectionate.

Arabian horses are incredibly versatile; they are used for various equestrian pursuits from dressage to the western sport of cutting. Arabian horses excel at endurance and dominate the sport at the highest levels. The Arabian horse is renowned for its outstanding good looks and extreme stamina.

Arabian blood lines are evident in many of today’s modern light weight horses; they have been used to refine certain breeds to add speed and agility, intelligence and stamina.


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The Arabian horse has particularly distinguishable features, which makes it easily recognisable. The Arabian horse has a defined head with a dished profile; some have a slightly bulging forehead, large eyes and large nostrils and a diminutive muzzle, a well arched neck, and a good sloping shoulder. You can find Arabian Horses for Sale with these characteristics on the Horsewizard website.

Arabian horses generally have compact strong bodies and a short back and a somewhat level croup and a high tail carriage. Arabian horses have short cannons good strong feet and dense bone. Arabian horses are well built tough light weight horses. Arabian horses can be of pony height but are still genetically horses.

Pure bred Arabian horses can only be bay, chestnut, grey, roan and sometimes black, although black Arabian horses are very uncommon.


The Arabian horse is one of the oldest breeds of horse in the world. Rock paintings from as far back as 2500 B.C depict the ancient ancestors of the modern day Arabian horse. The Arabian horse’s origins are from the Middle East. The Arabian horse was developed in desert environment, where food and water is scarce, thus making the Arabian horse a hardy animal.